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If you spend a lot of time on your feet or if you often wear uncomfortable shoes, odds are that at one time or another you will experience heel pain. Many times, heel pain is a result of a weak or overworked Achilles tendon. Your Achilles tendon or "heel cord" is the rope-like muscle at the back of your foot that connects your heel and foot to the back of your leg. By regularly stretching your Achilles tendon you can help relieve heel pain.

The best way to stretch your Achilles tendon is to perform the following stretch:

1. Stand about three feet from a wall and place your hands on the wall.

2. Lean toward the wall -- bringing one leg forward and bending your arms at the elbows.

3. Keep your back and your back leg straight with your heel on the floor. (If you're doing it correctly, you should feel a gentle stretch in the calf muscle of your back leg.)

4. Hold this stretch for a short while.

5. Repeat with the other leg.

6. Do this stretch regularly to relieve heel pain. If your pain doesn't go away or is severe, visit your doctor.


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