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In order to look fashionable and chic, you not only have to dress well but you also need to accessorize well. And the most important accessory is choosing the right hand bag. Did you know that a handbag can flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans?

Apply these easy steps to getting a bag in proportion to your figure:

Try to choose a shape which is the opposite of your body type. If you are tall and thin, look for a slouchy, rounded bag to compliment your figure. If you're short and voluptuous, play off opposites by choosing a handbag that is tall and rectangular or long and sleek.

In general, the rounder your figure, the more structured your bag should be. That doesn't mean that you have to carry a hard box around to counterbalance your womanly shape: rectangular or square silhouettes in soft leathers or fabrics will do the trick.

Close-fitting bags are a great look if you're svelte and want to show off cleavage; not so great if your arms and bust are too large.

Most women look great with a bag that hits mid-torso because it flatters the waist.

Some popular handbag shapes:

Tote - An open-top bag with straps or handles.
Hobo bag - A crescent-shaped shoulder bag.
Duffle - Tall shoulderbag, often with a wider opening on top.
Field bag - A flap-top shoulderbag with utility-type closure (buckles, snaps, etc).
Clutch - A small, handheld bag (frequently used for evening wear).
Satchel- A large, handheld bag.
Baguette - Long and rounded shoulder bag resembling the namesake bread.
Messenger - A large, soft shoulder bag with long straps (often worn across the body).
Cigar Box - A small, boxy, hard bag.
Pouch - A soft, small bag.
Kelly bag - A large, structured handbag with distinctive hardware closures.

Useful Tips:
Take time in a store to try on handbags in front of a mirror just like you would apparel.
Don't be tempted by trendy shapes that don't suit your figure: there are plenty of great alternatives that will work.


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