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As you step into a New Year you want to change a lot of things around you. One of the most important thing that we think of changing is our appearance, looks and hairstyle. We want to start the New Year with a complete hair and beauty makeover. Well if in case your resolution is to work on your hairstyle then this article can provide you quite a bit of information that will be helpful to decide what look to go in for, which hairstyle will suit you the best and some very important tips.

If you can boost of a sexy hourglass figures then you should compliment your enviable figure with sleek and soft hairlines. You can go in for a shoulder length or longer locks. This helps provide the look of a sleek long line. A soft cascade of small curls or waves over a shapely body is a fabulous look.

If you have a tall and slim figure then the best hairstyle to suit you is a medium length, waiver or chunkier hairstyles. Long bangs, layers, and angles also flatter. For a petite figure keep hair loose, smooth, and neat for a sleek look. Try medium to short length hair with layers, angles, and some height at the top of the head.

Go in for a hairstyle that you think will look great on you and always consult your hair stylist. A talented hair professional can use a variety of tools to make subtle changes that make a powerful fashion statement. A series of soft highlights or lowlights can open up your face, draw attention to your beautiful eyes or focus on your nicely chiseled cheekbones.

Ask your stylist to help you attain a harmonious balance between your hair and your face and body shapes. Request a style that flatters but is also easy to care for on a daily basis. Remember, the more sleek and simple the hairstyle, the sexier it can be.

Some additional hair dos and don'ts include:

1. Do find a stylist that you trust and connect with. Make an appointment for a consultation only. Discuss some hair styling options and weigh alternatives with your stylist. Take your time making any final decisions about new hair directions. If you want radical changes consider making them in stages.

2. Do know that there is no right hair length. Wear your hair at a length that creates a graceful silhouette with your body, head, neck, shoulders and face. If you have a length preference, ask your stylist to help you find the best style within that range.

3. Do work with a colorist if you want to make hue changes. While the right highlights and lowlights can lighten and brighten, too much color or the wrong shades can clash with your natural skin tone. A talented professional colorist can achieve a fabulous new look that compliments your eye and skin shades.

4. Do color your hair at home if you prefer. Make sure to select a color that is soft, natural and flattering to you. When in doubt, select temporary shades that allow you to experiment but wash out after a few shampoo treatments.

5. Don't try to wear your hair in a style that isn't compatible with your hair texture and type. Keep in mind that styles that work for curly girls may be all wrong for stick straight locks and vice versa.

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