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Women are fascinated with different hair colours and shade and at some point of time want to try them out. The right hair colour can turn a simple and ordinary looking girl to a gorgeous red or a beautiful blonde or classy raven beauty. However with pleasure often comes pain. Permanent hair dyes with a high chemical composition may stress and dry out the best of hair. Even worse, hair colour can sometimes go horribly wrong. Whether applied at home or the highest priced salon in town, hair colour can sometimes take a bizarre detour and come out any hue, but the one that we hoped for.

Possible Problems :

If you are experiencing hair colour horrors you developed them because of one of two possible paths:

1. You went to a professional stylist or colourist and came out with a colour disaster.

2. You were swept away by a hair colour advertisement and did colouring part yourself in the privacy of your home.

Solutions :

If you went to a professional colourist or stylist, contact them immediately to report your colour problem. Prompt action is critical for safe colour correction. Try to keep your cool and avoid shouting and screaming at the stylist. That will not help fix the problem. Remember, even the best colourists and stylists in the world can encounter problems. Give them the benefit of the doubt and be willing to let them try and fix the colour to your satisfaction. Most professionals will try to correct colour problems and will do it at no additional cost, unless you caused the problem in some way. Be sure to ask what the colour correction will cost before you agree to try it at the hands of your hair professional. This allows you to be clear about your financial responsibility.

Once you have suffered through bad colour, try not to panic and rush to find a solution that might cause even more harm. Many people try to fix the colour problems themselves once they get home. This will often make the problem a lot worse and potentially damage hair beyond easy repair. Once you have a colour problem the very best solution is to find a professional colour correction expert and work with them to get you back to your desired colour. Remember that the journey through colour correction procedure will normally take about 4 to 5 visits to the professional.

If you have done the colouring job at home and you have encountered the colour problem then immediately contact a colour correction expert. Do not do anything on your own or you will damage your hair beyond repair. Avoid applying colour removing products available at the market. The colour removal products often contain strong chemicals or bleach and in the wrong hands they can cause severe hair breakage. Colour removal products should never be used on relaxed or permed hair without the advice of a hair expert.

Here are some other ways to recover from the horrors of bad colour:

Time heals all hair wounds

Although you may hate your new colour, if neither home nor professional correction are an option, consider going shorter with a new style that will allow you to outgrow the colour quickly. Ask your stylist to help you select a style that minimizes any new roots or growth. Give yourself some time to let the colour fade naturally away.

Pop a pill

Hair vitamins will help maximize your genetic hair growth rate and to help you grow super healthy new strands and leave bad colour behind. Consider adding a good essential fatty acid to your daily vitamin count which will help to internally condition new strands.


Use hair clips, barrettes, jeweled hairpins and headbands to camouflage uneven colour. Grab the latest fashion headgear as a last resort.

Be positive

Being positive really helps in any bad situation. Not only does positive thinking and actions make you feel better, it gives you the opportunity to learn new ways to appreciate your hair. Experiment with your hair. Buy hair styling products and give yourself a new look. And use this bad experience as a lesson and avoid this situation in the future.


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