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Exercising be it jogging or working out at the gym or swimming causes great damage to your hair. You have to deal with all sorts of strand struggles, sweat that will cause dirt and grease to settle in your scalp etc. Thus to protect your hair from being damaged you will have to take care of your hair while exercising. Following are a few tips that you should follow so that you hair will look good and feel great, even after the most intense workouts:

If you have long hair then it is advisable to tie it back, pin it up or clip it. However take care that you don't tie your hair so tightly that you get a headache. Make sure your hair is loose enough to allow you freedom of movement while staying out of the way.

Don't let hair fall on your forehead and eyes. You can use hair elastics that not only prevent hair falling on your eyes but also look great.

Block sweat by wearing wide cotton headband that will absorb the sweat from your forehead before it makes contact with your scalp or bangs. Though sweating while exercising is good but the salt dries out the delicate roots near the scalp thereby damaging your hair.

Avoid wearing a cap while exercising. Your glands need to breathe and wearing caps will actually block your sweat glands.

After working out avoid taking a hot shower because that might damage your hair. Lukewarm water is always best for shampooing your hair under any circumstances. Conditioning your hair is a must because that will protect your hair from the damage.

While swimming wear a cap after wetting your hair completely. Wash your hair thoroughly afterwards in order to remove the chlorine from your hair. If possible apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair before you dive in.

Steam baths or saunas can dry out your strands. Always apply a dab of leave-in conditioner or light jojoba to your stands to help offset the heat. Wrap a towel around your strands to further block hair damaging heat.

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