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Makeup Trend :: Go Wild & Crazy


Every season brings in a different make up trend. This season the trend though is simple and refined, but the theme is to experiment and go wild and crazy. The look should be simple yet add a dash of attractive colour and create magic

Glimmer Twins

There's nothing prettier than the subtle, satiny sheen of a glossy eye shadow. Applied delicately across the eyelid, it's an understated glow that gives you a luminous and fresh look. You can wear these alone or layered for a little extra shimmer.

The Nude Lip

Now let your lips do the talking with natural tones. Get set to reveal the wholesome flesh of our lips in all their extraordinary incarnations - from pinky pale to deep, bronzy brown. The look's freeing, refreshing and unpretentious. Try a pink-ginger tone if you're pale-skinned, or an orange-walnut brown if you're a dark-skinned lass.

Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is back and the idea of combing colour onto eyelashes is fun and unexpected. The good news is that you can interpret this trend any way that feels right for you. Classic gals might like subtle colors not too far from brown, like cinnamon, russet, coffee or auburn. More boisterous types might go for brighter shades like magenta, emerald or pink.

Bold Eye Colour

Go for bold eye colours and see what magic it can do. Instead of placing the dominant eye shadow shade at the outer edge of your eye, you blend the colour from the center upward and over the outside of the inner edge of your eye, near the bridge of your nose.



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