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Have you tried lip gloss yet? If not then go for it because it is the in-thing. There's nothing that makes you look more glamorous as quickly as lip gloss does. Together let us explore the world of gloss and find out what suits us best.

For those who like shine with the minimum amount of stickiness, go for light and skin caring glosses. Normally Lip Glosses come in a multitude of shades in one of those handy tubes with a brush. Simply twist and the gloss comes out on the brush. Most of these are very sheer, as the name says, but if you like a very soft, natural mouth, these will be a great choice. Some lip glosses also come in beautiful smell and taste.

If you want to go for the stickier glosses then it will take you some time to get used to the stickiness. Most people get used to it very quickly, and the advantage is that they usually stay on that little bit longer. These also come in different fruit flavours and smells and give an extremely glossy finish.

If you like gloss that feels comfortable on the lips then go for those that give moisture and shine to your lips and feels more like Vaseline than anything else. The colours look vivid in the tubes, but when they are on the lips, they look sheer and next to nothing.

Last but not least are the glosses that are definitely sticky, but those who use them couldn't care less. The shine is terrific and they do stay on very well indeed. They also come with suspended holographic particles that catch the light and change colours.

If you don't like the feel of a gloss but are interested in experimenting with the look, you should have a look at some of the fantastic new sheer lipsticks. They give the transparency that you get from gloss but not a bit of the heavy or sticky feeling often associated with them. They are also easier for some people to apply, as they're exactly like a normal lipstick, and some people also find they have more staying power. Some shades are twinkly and others are just shiny.


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