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Dressing to flatter your figure is as much about playing up your best features as it is about hiding what's not perfect. You should know what suits you and what you should wear to camouflage the minus points and highlight the plus points. Learn what to wear to suit your shape.

Curvaceous figure
You must be proud of your figure but if not properly dressed you might lose all the curves behind baggy layers and frumpy colours. Flaunt your gorgeous figure with fitted tailoring and sexy outfits. Go for halterneck dresses and tight knits. Amp up your best features and show them off with eye-catching accessories like a waist-defining belt in a contrasting colour or eye catching shoes. In jeans wear go in for bootcuts with a body skimming tee.

Four must-buys for curvaceous figures:

  • Tailored trousers to elongate legs and lift your butt.
  • Corset tops - fantastic for nipping in your waist.
  • V-neck sweater.
  • Pencil skirt to show off your shape.

Tall and slim
You are blessed with a figure which can wear most styles. Many otherwise hard-to-wear trends look fab on you, so be adventurous with skinny jeans, ear-splitting prints and long flowing dresses. What to avoid? Low-cut tops are a no-no if you're small chested, and watch out for crop trousers and bracelet sleeves, which can have a too-short effect.

Six must-buys for leggy ladies:

  • Skinny trousers.
  • Slinky satin gowns for the gorgeous effect.
  • High-heeled boots.
  • Jersey tops to wear with jeans or trousers.

You have to be very careful while shopping coz your focus should be only on well fitted dresses. Hunt out petite ranges, which are altered proportionately for a perfect fit. Go for monochromatic outfits coz this helps keep the silhouette streamlined, especially with dark colours. Short skirts are best on petites, so get those legs out. Matching tights and shoes elongate the leg and a heel will help add height.

Four must-buys for petite figures:

  • Above-the-knee skirt to show your legs off.
  • Fitted sweater for a slimline silhouette.
  • Tailored bootleg trousers - great for visually lengthening legs.
  • Flapper dress to wear with strappy heels.

Pear shaped
Slim pencil skirts are more flattering on your figure than long flowing skirts. Wear heeled boots or shoes to go with the skirt. To boost your bust try corseted tops and tailored jackets. Halterneck dresses with an A-line skirt look great for weddings and evening events, but go easy on high-shine fabrics, which bounce light off curves.

Four must-buys for pear shapes:

  • Bootleg jeans with a proper fit.
  • Push-up bra to balance your top half.
  • Dark coloured skirt.
  • Wrap dress.

Pregnant Women
Don't hide a pregnant belly but learn how to flaunt it. Maternity ranges have now evolved with a wide choice range. Bias-cut and wrap dresses are a favourite for eveningwear and can be worn post-pregnancy too.

Four must-buys for pregnant women:

  • Maternity jeans.
  • Wrap top or dress.
  • Pyjama pants - very comfortable and trendy
  • Loose fitted kurta's to wear on pyjama pants.

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