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Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. The way you dress, the way you present yourself and the way you carry off your clothes depends on how much you know and relate to fashion. Sometimes we think that we know all about fashion but there are a few fashion myths that ought to be revealed.

Black goes with everything

False! Black works well with dark colours and neutrals although it looks best with another black item thrown into the mix instead of one random piece. Black also looks great mixed in equal proportions with white. But too much black is too harsh against pastel colours so a balancing act is needed. However, black can be your best friend if you want to look slim.

Big girls can't wear prints
False! Flattering dressing is all about balancing proportions. The safest tip to remember is to avoid extremes. This means that if you are bigger or smaller than average, don't wear huge loud checks or tiny ditsy florals. Instead, go for medium prints that are eye-catching without being loud.

Baggy clothes make you look slimmer
False! On the contrary, baggy clothes make you look fat. Waisted jackets, frill-edged skirts, scoop necklines and fitted tops are much more slimming than over-sized tunic tops.

Designer clothes are better quality and value
Some items like coats, tailored trousers and evening gowns are worth spending money on because the fit is key. Other things need not at all be such expensive designer stuff.

I've got nothing to wear
This negative attitude needs to be changed. Sort through your stuff and you're guaranteed to find at least three long lost friends that are due an airing. Look through magazines for new ideas about how to wear things and don't dismiss them until you've tried.

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