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Lately fashion has gone blooming with actresses and model flaunting floral prints and dressing up in garments, which had both delicate sprigs and bold bohemian blooms in them; making flowers the fashion world's current darling buds.

In a recent party many actress and models like Priety Zinta, Malaika Arora, Diya Mizra etc were spotted looking cheerful and bubbly wearing floral prints.

Neha Pandit, stylist and fashion designer, 24, says that for the past two to three months, more women, especially younger ones, were keen to try on floral designs and it seems that it has become a craze now a days with more and more women as well as men demanding garments with floral prints. She adds: 'Flowers are the essence of summer. That's why, without fail, it almost always becomes a trend during the spring-summer season and this year it's the hottest trend.' Jessica, 21, model says 'Women want to look more feminine and girlish these days. Floral prints have a cheerful and upbeat mood to them, which is just what fashion and looking fashionable is all about.'

Following tips will be very helpful to you while choosing to wear floral prints for the right look.

  • Make sure that the floral prints do not overpower your entire body. Accentuate the floral prints on a shirt by pairing them with simple plain slacks, skirt or jeans, and vice versa. You do not want to look like your upholstery, do you?

  • Women wearing floral prints should update the bohemian look with new accessories such as strappy heels or a thick embossed belt.

  • If you do not want to completely flow with this trend, spruce up a normal outfit with simple flower accessories like a brooch or hairpin or belt. This way, you can still keep ahead with the trend.

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