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fashionSEASONS give you a brief idea of what goes with each type of body shape

Broad Shoulders

Wide necklines, short sleeves and light fabrics help to visually reduce broad shoulders

Big Bustline
Never wear V-necks and scoop necks as they emphasise the chest size. High Necks, work well; combined with full sleeves they work even better.

Small Bustline
Empire Basques, V-Necks and bulkier fabrics create an illusion of a fuller bustline.

Heavy Arms
Always wear sleeves that are not fitted yet follow the body line. Avoid heavy and thick fabrics.

Heavy Hips
It is important not to wear fitted, short garments that emphasise your hips. Instead wear moderately loose and longer lengths in thicker fabrics to give a longer and leaner look

Seasons Basic Tips on fashion

  • Using colour to balance your body is a great idea. Wear light colours where you are small and dark colours where larger. For example, if you have large hips, wear dark skirts or pants and a light coloured blouse.
  • Wearing set-in sleeves with shoulder pads will help you to balance wide hips. The shoulder pads will add to your shoulders therefore balancing with your hips.
  • Don't choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make you appear slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds.
  • Wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.
  • Clothes in solid colors with simple lines will make you appear taller.
  • Always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a special occasion
  • Wear straight silhouettes in a solid colour to hide a thick waist.
  • The skinner the stripe, the thinner you appear.
  • Don't wear black on a hot day or at a wedding.
  • A straight cut skirt and full leg pants will hide large thighs.
  • To appear shorter, jackets or tops should fall below the hips.
  • To lengthen your legs wear slim, straight leg pants.
  • To appear taller and thinner, try a pinstripe suit.
  • Long sleeves should hit just at the wrist bone.
  • When you are wearing a white shirt, wear a bra close to your skin color.
  • To hide wide hips, try an a-line style dress.
  • Give a new updated look to an old blouse or jacket by sewing on new buttons.
  • Pleats add pounds. If you want to look larger through the hips, wear pleats. If you don't, avoid pleats! If clothes don't fit, have them altered. If they don't fit, they'll remain in the closet.
  • One of the biggest trends for spring is denim. You can find it in skirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, and shirts and even kurtas.
  • These are the basics measurements you need to find your correct bra size. With a measuring tape, measure around the torso at the underarm level and under the breasts. If the number is odd, add one to it. For example, if your measurement is 35, your bra size will be 36. Next, measure around your bust at its fullest part. Subtract the bra size from this number.
  • Pin a safety pin to the inside of your slacks in case of an emergency. If a button comes off or the zipper breaks you will be prepared.
  • Are your zippers sticking? Rub them with a lead pencil and they will slide smoothly.
  • When you buy an everyday item, try to think of at least three things you already own that you can wear with that item.
  • Choose your accessories wisely. Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit.
  • Women with larger hips should choose jeans that are generously cut through the hips with a flared leg.
  • When losing weight, don't wait to choose wardrobe pieces. Choose pieces that will camouflage problem areas.

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