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For makeup for your eyes you need shadows, eyeliners, mascara etc.

Eye Shadows

1. Use lighter shades to highlight under the brow,

2. Use darker shades on the lid and the crease of the eye.

3. If You want to apply light shades (e.g., blue, beige, light green, light gray etc.), first draw a thin line with liquid eye liner or sharp eye pencil over the upper lash line as close to it as possible (because light shades makes your eyes seems smaller than they are).


1. Use black mascara (it suits better to any shadows).

2. If you prefer blue or brown mascara, for best result, draw a thin line with same colour liquid eyeliner or sharp eye pencil over the upper lash line as close to it as possible or just apply same colour (like mascara) shadows.

3. If you have short lashes, use lengthening mascara.

4. If you have thin lashes, use voluptuous mascara.

5. If you have sensitive eyes, use gentle mascara for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

6. Waterproof mascara is best choice in monsoon, or when your eyes are watering (for example when you have a cold).

Some useful tips

For brown and black eyes:
All shades of brown, beige, gray shadows and black or brown mascara looks wonderful. Lilac, violet shadows are very attractive also, especially in combination with same colour dress.

For green and brown - green eyes:
Use all shades of green, beige, light - brown shadows and black mascara. Avoid pink or brown shadows.

For gray and blue eyes:
Use all shades of blue, gray, dark - blue, beige shadows and black or blue mascara.

For Deep-Set Eyes:
Rely on pale, shimmery shades to enhance your eyes. Sweep a light eye shadow shade across lid from inner corner to a small bit beyond the outer corner. Place a touch of a deeper shade in the eye crease. Blend.

For Wide-Set Eyes:
Make them appear closer by applying a deeper eye shadow shade from inner corner to mid-lid. Apply a lighter shade from mid-lid to outer corner. Blend in the middle of lid where shades meet.

For Close-Set Eyes: Make them appear wider by applying a dot of concealer to the innermost corner of both eyes. Create a very thin pencil line near lash edge of top lid that thickens toward the outer corner. Create a very thin eye shadow in a pale shade from inner corner to mid-lid; apply a just-slightly deeper shade from mid-lid to outer corner; blend in the middle.

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