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Long, sweeping eyelashes are a sign of glamour and femininity. Some are born with it while some crave for it. Here are a few tips that will help you have wonderful long and sexy eyelashes.

  • First of all make sure that your eyelashes are clean of old mascara and completely dry before you start.

  • You can curl your eyelashes by using a metal or plastic lash curler. Make sure to catch all the lashes at the same time in the mouth of the curler and curl them upwards. Hold curler closed against lashes for at least 5 seconds to set curl and then open the scissor ends gently to release the curler.

  • Enhance the curl you've just achieved by applying mascara right after curling.

  • For more curl or to refresh curl later in the day, stroke the brush to the tips of lashes and hold there for 3-5 seconds, at an upward angle.

Mascara Tips

  • Create more length by sweeping colour, starting at the roots to ends, in a long, smooth upward motion so colour is even to the very tips. Try a lengthening formula.

  • Most mascaras are waterproof or water-resistant these days. But for rainy days sunning or swimming, try a clear, waterproofing topcoat.

  • Don't apply mascara when you're riding in a moving car or train-- to avoid eye injuries. Don't swap mascara with some one else -- to avoid eye infections.

  • Gentle handling and removing makeup every night will promote your lash growth. Use eye makeup remover with cotton balls before you wash your face to remove mascara and other eye makeup before you sleep. Gently wipe, don't scrub.

  • A basic black-brown or dark brown looks best on most women. Black looks best on very dark brunettes.


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