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Understanding your dressing sense

Select your body type to find out how to dress -

Go for dark colours. You don't have to agonise too much about avoiding A-line cuts or silhouettes if you take care the cut is neat and the colour is not too bright or pale -expands your girth. If you must wear light shades than choose antiques - dirty blue, and not the sky blue. Blouses: cover your arms.

Beiges and fawns. Antique gold. These colours also suit all skin tones - so the ideal Indian colours. Anything goes with this body shape - be it the very in georgette saree or the out-of-fashion satin. Blouses: Nets can hide the folds in the arms.

Any colour. And that means you can wear all the colours of this season - the entire spectrum of vibgyor and the antiques - pinks, fawns, blues, golds. Blouses:straps are fine, while nets tease.

Your wardrobe is determined greatly by your value for:


Comfort is a great thing but don't hide your assets in loose, drab and banal cuts all the time. If so, use bright colours and pretty prints to bring out your personality. And if you can't resist wearing the same old kurta every week because it has a soft feel to it then spike it up with a different dupatta, a fancy bag, or some bold makeup.

Your wardrobe has items of clothing appropriate for any and every occasion. You dress up creatively, instinctively and originally. However you should be able to carry it off. For example, a tight outfit on a very fat body is mostly hideous. Good style is about complimenting you and the occasion.

Are you a victim, do you see it in the magazines and it's yours? If so, then make sure to make your sprees worthwhile by purchasing things that are practical and lasting. Whilst shopping , buy clothing that is conducive to your style, mixable and classic as well.

Get adventurous with your sari. Dress it up with a blouse suits your style:

How would you describe yourself?
Shy/ traditional Stick to the safe classicism of a saree, with deep boat necks, deep square necks - and traditional shades of silver and gold.

Layered sarees, with double pulavs - incorporating the saree and dupatta into one piece. Bustiers and corsets double up as blouses.

Opt for saris worn like sarongs in soft and subtle fabrics, crystal embroidered corsets with unembroidered satin French lilly chiffon saris. Spaghetti-strap blouses. Criss-Cross blouses for you, with transparent georgette sarees.

Wearing Gold?

Make sure the colour's right for you. The difference between glowing and gaudy lies in a whisper of a shade.

What's your skin tone?

Fair: Pale shades of gold, highlighted with a touch of copper, look best on you.

Medium/ Wheatish: A mixed palette of whitish, beige-toned and deep bronzy shades of gold will make you look radiant.

Dark: Coppery shades of gold work best for you, as they highlight your dusky complexion.

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