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Makeup Tips for Diamond Face

Diamond Face Shape: Cheekbone is clearly wider than forehead and jaw line. Your aim should be to reduce the width around the cheekbone line.

In a diamond-shaped face more emphasis is to be given to the chin, the cheeks and the forehead. Applying cosmetics can help to bring the facial features forward.

Concealer: Apply concealer to get rid of any discolorations, redness, brownness etc. Apply concealer into the centre of the face to create a look of lightness. Blend it in the centre of the forehead, under the eyes and on the sides of the nose.

Foundation: Use two different colours of foundation i.e., one dark and one light. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply the dark shade to the areas that you want to minimize, such as the temples and the jaw line. Keep the centre area where you applied the concealer clear. Next, choose a lighter shade of foundation, one that is very close to your natural colour. Put it on the same areas that you used the concealer - under the eyes, across the nose, forehead and chin. Next, use a sponge to apply a translucent powder, preferably one that doesn't have a colour.

Final Touch: After correcting the face shape with foundations, brush contour powder onto the jaw line to help provide some facial definition. If you feel that your chin, temples or frontal bone protrude, you can cover those areas with some contour powder. To add colour to your face, apply some blush with a makeup brush. Starting from the back of the bone, blend the blush forward.

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