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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin


If you have dark skin, then you have good news because dark skin is more resilient than fair skins. Due to more pigment, it can withstand exposure to the sun much better. For your skin tone, you should stick to warm, earthy colors.

For foundation, select an oil-free liquid foundation. Choose a water-based foundation. Also make sure that the foundation is not lighter than your skin tone. Try to get one which is as close to your normal skin colour as possible. Remember that dark skins show up layers of make-up much more than fair skins. Special attention should be paid to blending. And always use a loose powder that is transparent or slightly tinted to absorb oil and avoid a shinny look.

The eyes can be accented with dark browns, prunes, copper and burgundies. Avoid light, powdery colors and iridescent color that covers the whole eyelid. A light brushing of loose, translucent powder over the lid will give a subtle glow for evening glamour. For the day, use brown or grey eyeliner or eye pencil to line the eyes. Mascara will darken and thicken the eyelashes and give the eyes a glamorous look. Use inky black mascara.

For your blush, you should choose colours from coral, rose, deep orange. Avoid browns and peachy shades for blush-on. For very dark skin, try a dark rose pink colour for the day and shades of bronze, plum and wine for the night. If your nose is wide, slim it by using a camo cream corrector to shade the sides with a darker tone and the top of the nose with a lighter tone. Blend well. For special occasions at night, use a touch of gold. It can really look glamorous on dark skins. Apply it at the temples and under the outer corner of the eyebrows.

Choose lipsticks with matte finish rather than frosted ones. Lip colors with berry shades, plums, burgandies and all shades of browns look great with dark skin. Also beiges, golds and soft pinks work well. Generally these colors work well: Nude pinks, nude beiges, mochas, coffees, mahoganies, chocolates, berry shades, deep berry shades, dark plums, wines, burgundies. Avoid orange shades, they will wash you out.


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