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Colour code

Colours can make or break an ensemble, whether you are dressing for party, office or wedding it makes a lot of difference. The shade of colour you wear can make all the difference to your attire. Personality is not simply about looking attractive, but it is colour sense and knowing the trick of playing with colours and wearing appropriate colour at the appropriate time and occasion. Proper dress code with proper colur code even boosts up your moral and you feel more comfortable and also make a lot of difference to the image you project.

For office wear in western outfits try out colours like khakis, olives, navy blue, black, beige and off-whites in synthetic fabrics. For Indian wear try wearing cottons linens in fresher tones of peaches, mints, light powder blues and mauves in delicate, soft and classic prints.

Planning proper colour combinations is also something, which should be natural, and it should give a softer and smooth feel and finish to your colour code as well as personality. Thus if you plan to wear a black trouser, then match it withy a sleeveless jacket in another colour. Add two or three options in neutrals, pastels and a dark bright colour to pair with the trousers. Similarly darker bottoms with lighter tone tops work out as a practical choice and look great. Team dark brown colour with rust and see the effect. This combination looks excellent and gives a brighter and warmer look. Similarly grays can be paired with blues to achieve cooler looks.

Planning eveningwear also seems tough but it is not. Only proper dressing sense with a little bit effort of style and colour choice makes your evening enjoyable and lovely. Evening wear no doubt is more design and trend oriented therefore choose it in metallic sheens of dark and bright colours in streamlined clean cuts, offset with colourful scarves, brooches and other accessories. Your evening wear colour scheme must be in blacks, grays, jewel tones of ruby reds, jade greens and mauves, tones of gold and silver convey a feeling of mystery.

Thus colour can be used to shape your personality and image and gives you more confidence. Though it is not easy to choose proper colour to match the occasion every time but it is possible to refine or nurture the senses. Refining or nurturing the senses results from the extent to which you familiarize yourself with colours and colour codes. This type of experience allows you to increase your sense of hues. Thus try to keep the ambience in mind and the occasion for which you have to prepare yourself and then you can opt for various possibilities.

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