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You can be sexy in black, or you can be very sombre. You can be good in black, or you can be very bad. Indeed, the colour black, which is back in fashion, is the colour of both sophistication and raw sex appeal. Its associations with elegance and grandeur, as well as with mystery and passion, have made it the fashion colour of the season.

Indeed, black is one of the few colours that is figure flattering, it is the one hue the fashion collective always embraces even when it is not seen on the runways. And best of all, it is a colour that goes with almost anything.

Designer Harshita, 36, agrees that: 'Black is a key colour regardless of trends. It's a safe bet that achieves a lot without much effort from the wearer.' She adds, 'Black has a slimming effect and it hides a multitude of sins'.

Black is one of the safest and easiest colours to wear for both men and women. Following are a few tips that will help you enhance the beauty and elegance of the colour on you.

  • For an entire outfit, choose deep black. Darker shades of black add certain richness to a simple black garment.
  • Go for luxurious fabrics like leather, velvet and satin to pump up the glamour factor of an all-black outfit.
  • For a black outfit, plunging necklines, bell sleeves and tassels can add life to the outfit.
  • Darker Asian complexions tend to wear black well. Maintain a light tan in order to show off the colour. For women with fair complexions, wear some light makeup so that the face won't look pale and drained.
  • Accessorise with care. Gold goes beautifully with black, as do silver and turquoise. Just don't pile them all on at the same time. Men should be extra careful with jewellery - wear one ring too many with black and you may end up looking like a pimp.

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