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Back Care Tips

Taking care of your back is mostly a matter of awareness, prevention and good habits. With little caution, exercise and information you can keep your back beautiful and pain free.

When Seated...

Don't slump; this puts undue stress on your back by over stretching muscles and ligaments.

Avoid sitting for prolonged periods. Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch backwards a few times to reverse the curve in the low back.

Sit on chairs that have an adjustable height, adjustable armrests, and an adjustable seat pad and seat back.

When Standing…

Try to keep the normal curves in your back at all times. High heels may cause the low back to arch excessively. Wear comfortable shoes with good arch supports.

Shift positions frequently and rest one foot on a low stool or shelf.

Keep your work close to you and at a comfortable height.

When Sleeping…

Sleep on a mattress that is comfortable and does not sag. The natural curves in your back and neck should be supported.

When lying on your back, use a flat pillow to support your neck and one or two pillows under the knees help to support the low back. When lying on your side, place one pillow between your knees.

When arising, roll onto your side and push up with your arms.

When working on computer…

Your keyboard should be placed directly in front of you

The screen should be centered if you use the computer for word processing functions. For data entry, the screen may be slightly off to one side provided the documents you will be working from are centered.

The top of the screen should be at eye level so that your neck is maintained in a neutral posture.

When driving…

Move the car seat forward and sit with your knees higher than your hips.

Be sure your back is fully supported-a small pillow or rolled towel works best.

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