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The Importance of Accessories :

Have you ever thought how would The Statue of Liberty look with a black torch in her hand? Doesn't the very thought make you shudder? That just shows how important is it to have the right accessories, for 'clothes alone do not maketh a man'. Likewise when you shop for clothes, you should always keep in mind which accessories would go with them. For e.g. a white bag looks simply horrendous on a black outfit. Belle shoes are out of fashion. Sandals look awful on tapered jeans. And so onů

The accessories that you wear reflect your personality. They add that extra something to your personality. Choosing the right accessory is as important as choosing your clothes. Anyway, like clothes, the accessory market has also expanded quite a bit.

Shoes :

Let's start with the foremost accessory that is a must...your shoes. The shoes that you wear give the very essence to your outfit. While Sports shoes suffice for casual wears like jeans or shorts, be very careful with the kind of footwear that you use for formal wear. Shoes should be stylish but not at the cost of comfort, so those pencil heeled shoes are just not worth the amount of pain and discomfort that they cause you. Besides if you cannot carry them well i.e. you trip or something then they will cause embarrassment as well. Right now platform-heeled shoes are very much in fashion. They come in chic geometrical cuts, which gives a very sexy look to formal dresses.

Bags :

Next we come to bags. Long strapped ones, short strapped ones or small stylish ones, whichever you buy, always choose the color carefully, for it should be such that it goes with most of your outfits. Crotchet bags or knitted bags look great. Cloth bags with bright colors and flowery patterns are also in vogue.

Jewellery :

As for jewellery, you can buy necklaces, anklets, finger rings, earrings, pendants and even navel rings, whatever goes with your outfit. Esprit's platinum bracelets, chains, watches and finger-rings look cool and are very popular among the younger generation. Diamonds are forever...need I say more? Gold looks better on traditional wear. But the flavor of the glamour world now, is jewellery in white gold.

So now that you know just how to brighten up your image, make the best use of accessories and then just count the number of admiring glances that you will draw.

. . .Shilpi Gemawat.  

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