make up tips
Everyone wants to look young and beautiful forever. But you have to take lots of effort to do that and you have to take extra care everyday. Always moisturize, use a gentle exfoliant two to four times a month and use a sunscreen, even under your makeup. However the following tips will make you look young and beautiful instantly.

Step One:

The first step is to pep up your face. Use a mask to tone and tighten your skin. This will not only clear the pores but will also condition your face making it look lively and fresh. Then moisturise your face by using a good moisturizer. Make sure it is mineral oil free so it doesn't clog your pores and cause breakouts

Step Two:

Now what you have to do is to hide those wrinkles. Apply highlighter on the wrinkles of your face and neck area. This will reflect the light and counter the shadow. Don't apply concealers for concealers only make lines look more prominent. Skip the face powder, they tend to collect in creases and make wrinkles more prominent.

Step Three:

Now concentrate on your eyes. If you have droopy eyes then you need to brighten them. Grooming eyebrows gives the illusion of lifted lids, and having more skin showing at the brow bone opens up the entire eye making them look bright and attractive. Curling your lashes will make your eyes look more open and alive.

Step Four:

Work on the hairstyle. If you've got longish hair, pull it back into a ponytail. It's a youthful hairstyle, for one, but the point is it pulls the skin around your temples up and back, thus hiding forehead wrinkles. Always remember that the hairstyle you choose should suit you or else it will spoil your appearance.

Step Five:
This is the most important one. CARRY A SMILE…..ALWAYS.


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