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Your Romantic Future ______

The beginning of the year might be slight disappointing and you might face trouble in your relationship. By the middle of the month, a former lover may make a surprise attempt to get back in contact with you. If you're presently in a relationship, don't pass up the valuable opportunity to achieve a real friendship with this person. During the month of March, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring dramatic change or new faces to your love life. No matter what road you head down, you'll fully come into your own by the solar eclipse at the end of September. By the time autumn unfurls her leaves, you'll be exercising a whole new aspect of your personality, thanks to a partner who excites your senses like no one ever has before. It's as though you've been going through your life with your eyes closed, and suddenly you're plunged into a fairy-tale forest, where streams sing constant melodies in your ear and picturesque mosses hang over every branch of every tree. This person will be your guide through a landscape of unfamiliar but wholly positive emotions. Be sure to express the gratitude you feel.