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Health & Stress ______

Traditionally, Taureans are endowed with a vigorous constitution and splendid health. If there is a weak point, it is usually their throat or neck. Taureans are often martyrs to obesity and find themselves hopelessly addicted to food and alcohol. Most are content with conventional medicine and make good patients. Taureans suffer from the repercussions of a "blocked emotional valve". You get feelings that you just cant turn off - no matter how inappropriate or irrelevant they may have become. You do, sometimes, close yourself off to certain emotions. You do so to protect yourself from the strength of your own, most profound passions. Because some things matter to you more than words can ever say, you live in fear of being led away, one day, by some immense, intense conviction - or some irresistible urge. This year you will go through a considerable amount of stress. In your home life, there is something that sorely needs to alter. It's really only a small factor. With you, that's often the case. It's the little things that tend to get to you. But however small it may be, it seems very big to you - and it is likely to take you a few months to put it right. But the good news is, you will identify it and fix it... within the next three to four months.