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Your Romantic Future ______

The past year has been stimulating and fabulous, and your momentum will carry you right into even more passionate encounters in 2006. You'll feel like you're walking through fields full of admirers, which will give you an even greater feeling of confidence and sexiness. But you'll have to be careful. All that power can be misused, so be attentive in the fall as a casual flirtation turns superheated. So if you're involved in a relationship with someone else, or just don't like the other person, end things early. If the feelings are mutual and you're not otherwise committed, take the opportunity to dive off the deep end and embrace a seriously intense bout of attention and adventure. Your balanced relationships will be the envy of all your friends. Just rely on your knack for shaping experiences into memorable, fun adventures, and nothing will get in the way of pursuing and attaining the partner you desire.