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Health & Stress ______

They suffer from chronic constipation, liver and kidney problems, and can quite often be diabetic. A shocking health scare could be a turning point, and that may convert them into fitness freaks. This year your problems will have no face. You will find yourself totally confused and disoriented by the problems that will creep up unexpectedly and because of which you will go through a lot of stress and health problems. In the year 2006 you are going to be putting yourself to a lot of time and trouble on behalf of a dear, close friend. A friend you cannot ignore - yet can hardly bring yourself to watch. You care about this friend and so you want to do your best to make things ok for him. You want to help. Deeply. And you are determined to do all you can. Madly. Madly because of the amount of physical and psychological stress that this is going to put on you. But whatever you do please take care. Please take regular breaks from this big deal. And don`t worry. Your friend, in the end, is going to be fine.