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Health & Stress ______

They are a very hasty lot and often fail to look before where they leap, and as a result suffer quite a few bruises, pulled muscles and broken bones. They are quite fit physically but emotionally they are very weak. They find Yoga, and meditation very beneficial. You will gain authority and power this year. You can start planning revenge on your enemies, parties for your friends However this will not be a joy ride. With power comes responsibility - inevitably and invariably. Big, real, inescapable responsibility. Obviously you will go through a lot of stress, pressure and tension. Therefore you have to get used to the idea of success. First and foremost stop seeing yourself as powerless. Get used to the notion that you have choices, options and alternatives. And then, learn to use them. Because there`s nothing more counterproductive in this universe than a very strong person who imagines himself as weak. Number two. Learn to tell the future; not with tarot cards or horoscope wheels - but with common sense. Develop the habit of foreseeing the likely consequences of your actions. You wont always be right... but at least you will know you are trying your hardest. And then, you will have something far healthier than any amount of social weight. Inner balance.