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Career ______

When you make a change, it's usually quite a big one. Expect lots of those big changes throughout the year as you follow your restless heart into something new. One thing that should not trouble you in the least is finance. You'll find a way to pay for whatever changes you make; in fact, your rigor with money will be a model for others to follow. Experiment with anything that interests you, and you'll close out the year on a high note. Spring and winter are the best times for making the transition into a new job or career. If that's the path you follow, just be wary of overspending late in the year. The changes you are making (and experiencing passively) will eventually start to wear you out a little, and you might look to a part of your life that you can rely on for stability. You could find this at work through personal relationships with colleagues or customers or through ongoing responsibilities that are unlikely to develop beyond their current parameters.