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Health & Stress ______

Pisceans are prone to all kinds of allergies and crippling headaches. They are very much susceptible to coughs and colds and suffer from asthma and heart problems. These dreamy souls should seek protection - either through meditation or prayer, and Yoga is the perfect exercise for them. ALL you have to do, this year, is keep everything simple. That's not though, going to be as easy as it sounds. In every area of life, we are obliged to wade through a desperately confusing array of seemingly similar (but potentially very different) solutions. Their no wonders so many of us are clinging like crazy to the tried and tested. It may not be the greatest, the cheapest, the most efficient or modern but at least "what we know" won't oblige us to torture our beleaguered brains with additional decisions. By April at the latest, you are going to find yourself out of your depth, dealing with factors that are completely outside your realm of experience so far. This will seem like a big problem. A sense of urgency will exacerbate the sense of anxiety you feel at being flung so far into a situation that had always, previously, seemed gloriously remote and irrelevant. The first thing you will have to do is challenge that urgency. Hurry and you will worry. Worry and you will scurry ... right down the wrong road. YOU MUST take your time, go gently through a learning curve... and trust that what's opening up in such a new way, despite its scariness and it's threatening edge, is a GIFT not a punishment.