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Reliability, one of your strong suits, will play a key role in your job duties as 2006 opens. A special customer or client will need more of you than they usually ask for, and you will need to push extra hard in order to deliver. By the time spring gets rolling, higher-ups in your organization will take notice of your successes and start to groom you for greater responsibility, but of course their expectations of you will also increase. Stay flexible, and open up more with your peers, and you will meet or exceed your career milestones all year. Throughout 2006, you'll encounter opportunities to leave your normal workplace to visit clients, hit conventions or just browse for new options for yourself and your business. Get out in the world as much as possible while meeting your regular responsibilities. If things haven't changed significantly for you at work by August, stir something up. You will certainly know the right thing to do when the time comes, and by the end of December you should be looking back at a year of accomplishment and achievements you can be proud of.