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Health & Stress ______

With their roller-coaster emotions, Librans tend to suffer from nervous stomachs and ulcers. They can over-indulge in food and wine and may suffer kidney and bladder problems. Librans need to drink plenty of water in order to flush out the toxins from their kidneys. They should concentrate on holistic therapies and spiritual exercises for their well being. What do you believe in? Really, truly, Deeply, sincerely and what, more to the point, are you sure that you do not, cannot and never will believe in. These are the questions, which will influence, more than any other, your state of physical and psychological well-being over the coming year. Your answers will prove crucial. Provided, of course, that they are honest answers, not just platitudes or pretences. This year will be intense for you in both emotional and physical ways - you face nothing you cannot handle, no problem that you cannot take in your stride. But you can expect to find yourself rethinking a lot of the ideas and principles by which you have so far led your life. And ideally, you want to spend the next three or four months doing just that - on a voluntary basis before changing circumstances. That way, when your test of faith comes, you will be ready for it. You will have already been through your philosophical review and will be ready to hang on tight to something that you are sure makes sense.