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Health & Stress ______

Traditionally, Capricorn problem areas are their joints, bones and teeth. They need to ingest extra calcium, cod-liver oil and evening primrose oil supplements to help their flexibility. They suffer a lot because of their health but also don`t like to take medicines and neglect their health a lot. You have problems relating to any group, club, and sector of society or large organization. You hate to see yourself as a cog in anyone else`s machine. You are proud of your ability to be different. You are a natural non-conformist. When someone shows you a rulebook, your first instinct is to re-write it and your second, after a moment`s reflection, is to hurl it away. When someone says this is the way we do things round here your response is even more direct. There`s nothing wrong with that. It`s a big plus point in your personality. But in overall terms of health and well-being, it can be a real source of stress. No matter how much pride you take in your idiosyncrasies or how much you enjoy sticking your neck out, you place those neck muscles under strain when you do so. Likewise, being headstrong gives you a headache. In the year 2006 most of the health issues you encounter will arise, somehow, from the roles you find yourself feeling obliged to play. You will naturally put yourself at loggerheads with an establishment figure - and even if you are successful, you will tax your inner resources in the process. Therefore you have got to watch your impulsive tendency to say no to what`s good for you and yes to what`s bad. And then, you will be just fine.