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Your Romantic Future ______

If nothing else, the first half of 2006 will be fantastic for your self-esteem. Your love life will be blooming. If you're single, you're likely to be approached by someone you'd never quite thought of as a serious prospect. The other person may feel far more passionately than you do. If you've already got a special someone, showers of praise and material signs of affection from your partner certainly aren't going to hurt your relationship. Just make sure to accept the flattery with grace, and you'll feel incredibly close to your partner as the year progresses.During the first three weeks of November, a blast from the past may surface. Even if this person isn't begging for another chance, they're probably testing the waters to see if you'd be willing to give it another go. Be very careful in deciding what to do. In the early winter, look for a new face or even a foreigner to make an entrance into your life. You'll instantly recognize this person as friend or foe, so go with your gut when it comes to making decisions about the future.