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Health & Stress ______

Exercise is generally anathema to them. They have a weak digestive system and constantly suffer from heartburn and ulcers. You get sick from time to time, of course. But you are never laid low for long. You have your aches and you have your pains but you ignore them until they reach levels of indescribable agony. With a tendency to be fascinated by holistic or alternative therapies, you can spend a fortune working your way through them. Much the same can be said about your ability to withstand stress. You behave, when put under pressure, rather like a belligerent boxer on audience prize night. Instead of cowering in some corner, you parade round the ring, inviting the next foolish contestant to take a punishment. Even when some seven-foot gorilla rips apart the ropes in his eagerness to knock you about, you don't back off. Thus even when you are desperately late, miserably ill equipped, laughably unprepared - and unbelievably stretched, you still refuse to concede defeat. Three cheers for you and your inherent optimism.