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If you were in a shell for any part of 2005, the New Year brings the opportunity (and the obligation) to bust out and start schmoozing. The first couple of months will be pretty intense as you find yourself drawn into massive bouts of networking. Toward the end of the year, probably around mid-autumn, you will experience a wave of nostalgia for a long-ago work situation that you know deep down is irreplaceable. As important as your work relationships will be throughout the year, you will find your relationship with money to be just as important to your career. Focus on spending, budgeting and cost-cutting as much as possible. Listen to your gut and figure out what's really best for you in light of your long-range career goals, but don't think twice about revising those goals if you think they're off base. By the time winter is past and you're looking back on 2006, you will see that every time you said no to an opportunity, you made way for others to follow, and that every time you said yes, you found something unexpected.