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Your Romantic Future ______

For some time now, your love life has been stagnant. There is noaction and due to this, you are restless. At the beginning of the year, you'll sense the opportunity to deepen a friendship or reignite a relationship that you'd begun to take for granted. Pay attention to the cues that indicate your partner is ready to take your connection to a more intense level. From January through March, give yourself plenty of time and opportunity to ease into this exciting change. Around the middle of March, your ability to concentrate on the softer side of life will be somewhat diminished. By the time the winter holidays arrive, you will begin to feel more confident with the path your life is taking. And perhaps to your surprise, your clear-eyed vision of the future may not include a certain romantic partner. You might come into contact with new people every day, and if someone else is better aligned with your inner self, you won't rest until your lives run parallel in all the best ways.