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Career ______

This year you will take all bold steps towards strengthening your career. Early this year you will find yourself inspired to take a new look at your current position. You won't be shedding your ambition so much as fulfilling your desire to see longer-term plans come to fruition. Expect a two-month period of solid, deeply satisfying personal growth. After all that, you will find substantial new territories to explore in the spring. Your competitors don't stand much of a chance -- unless, that is, you let yourself get too distracted by the sheer volume of opportunities to pick a few and focus on them. The end of summer brings a more intense solar eclipse and a slower, quieter time for you and your clients. Spend the early autumn working on negotiations or other interpersonal interactions -- your strengths will lie in that domain. Toward the end of the year, you might feel the urge to move on yet again. Try to channel that energy into something different. In the end, you will have found the stability necessary for true growth.