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Health & Stress ______

Aquarians lungs are particularly sensitive to cigarette smoke and air pollution, so they should be careful to avoid these wherever possible. They are basically strong willed and possess good health but occasionally they are prone to catching cough and colds that will put them down for a couple of days. There`s something you are determined to fix, to cure, to explore, be free of... or to become deeply, delightfully committed to. You believe it is possible and you are right. It is. But that, though it sounds good, is a cause of permanent pressure. It means (or it seems to mean) that you can't just kick back or drift sideways. You feel you HAVE to push forward... no matter what it takes... or takes out of you. There's something you dearly want - and something you are very cross about. That's an unhealthy combination. Be one or the other by all means but if you continue to allow yourself to be both, you will drive yourself into a frenzy of passionate need. You will get what you are after - but it won't satisfy you. You will find the answer that you require - but it won`t properly work for you. In this wonderful year, during which so much is finally feasible, you absolutely MUST lower your level of expectation. Work on becoming more relaxed - and on allowing yourself to be surprised. The sky will take care of the rest.